3 Common Myths About Chiropractic Care

If you’ve ever suffered from back pain, neck pain, or headaches, you may have thought about seeing a chiropractor. With over 70,000 chiropractors in America alone, it’s no surprise that you may have thought about it, but maybe you’re still on the fence and have some questions. It’s also possible you’ve heard some of the common myths floating around about chiropractors.

Whether or not you believe in the chiropractic myths, it doesn’t hurt to learn the facts. Learning the facts can help you feel more comfortable about chiropractic care and it can even help you decide if seeing a chiropractor is really what you need.

Let’s take a look at some most common myths out there about chiropractic care.

Myth #1: After Your First Visit You’re Stuck For Life 

If you’ve heard the above myth, then you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common ones because of how often people go to see a chiropractor for routine care. However, routine care and overall plans are going to differ between patients. It is truly going to depend on why you came to the chiropractor in the first place on how long your two implants going to be.

For example, if you’re suffering from an injury after a car accident, you may only need a specific number of adjustments before you may not need to return for further treatment. However, if your problem is chronic, then your chiropractor may recommend you come on a regular basis with the goal of prevention after the treatment plan has elapsed.

Myth #2: Chiropractors Aren’t Real Doctors

While not many people still believe in this method is still widely circulated. There are many people that are so uncertain about the training and qualifications that chiropractors actually have. You can rest assured, though, that chiropractors must pass a board exam and are licensed just like any other doctor. Just like any other doctor that you see, they must also continue learning and training in order to keep their license updated.

While in school and spying, chiropractors also take many of the same classes that any medical student would take. This means they are highly qualified to access, diagnose, treat, and refer patients as any other doctor would.

Myth #2: Chiropractors Aren’t Real Doctors

There are some people to automatically assume chiropractor adjustments are painful because they are startled, but the popping and cracking sounds that often occur. However, an adjustment shouldn’t be painful at all. The popping and cracking that you hear is caused by air and gas moving through the fluid in your joints as your joints are manipulated and stretched out.

During the adjustment, it is possible to have a brief discomfort, but it should feel more like a good workout. Most will find that you get immediate pain relief after the adjustment is finished. If your adjustment hurts, then you need to let your chiropractor know so they can adjust the care plan they put together for you.