Are There Benefits to Getting an Adjustment After Giving Birth

Pregnancy is an amazingly beautiful thing that many women go through. However, it also comes with varying degrees of pain and other not-so-pleasant experiences. As the baby starts to grow, your weight increases significantly to keep up with the growing baby. All this extra weight applies pressure to the spine, spine disc, and joints.

Not only that, but your center of gravity is going to shift forward, which increases the lower back’s curvature. Because of this, most women have pain around their upper shoulders and lower back after birth. All these changes can make life pretty miserable, especially as you are now caring for a little baby.

So how does the chiropractor come into play? There are plenty of benefits that come from seeing a chiropractor after delivery. If you are curious and want to know more then read on.

Benefits to Seeing A Chiropractor After Giving Birth

Relieves Pain

Possibly the biggest benefit you can receive would gain adjustment post-birth is pain relief. While everybody encounters pain at some point in their lives, new moms seem to suffer more. This is because during pregnancy, your body changes drastically. Not only that, but new moms are often up all night because the baby won’t stop crying and that means you aren’t getting the rest your body needs to heal.

A chiropractor can help alleviate pregnancy-related sciatica, wrist pain, and the other pains that you could be experiencing when it comes to your joints.

Helps Treat Sciatica

 If the lower part of your spine has problems, then you’re likely experiencing what chiropractors call sciatica. This is when the nerves are compressed against the lower spine, which then sends pain signals down the lower back as well as down the legs. Sciatica typically happens during pregnancy rather than after because of the baby’s increasing weight coupled with the expansion of your uterus because of the compression that leads to sciatica.

However, sciatica can also happen postpartum. This is because the uterus doesn’t cease to expand after the baby is born. Your body is still also adjusting to not having the extra weight of the press or just simply hasn’t been released yet.

Encourages Quicker Post-Pregnancy Healing

 It’s no secret that giving birth is hard and that’s why seeing a chiropractor both during and after pregnancy can be a critical part of healing. Your body needs time and a bit of training to help get back to its regular condition. This is where a chiropractor comes in, as they are trained to help align your body with the best possible blood flow and pain relief.

A chiropractor understands the critical role the spine and brain playing getting the body to function normally and back in shape. This means they can focus on relighting the spine was going to kick start the body’s self-healing process. Many people know that it is truly hard to heal while you’re in pain. This is where chiropractor can help as their main goal is to provide pain relief in proper alignment.