Useful Tips About Your First Chiropractic Visit

One of the first questions that chiropractors often get is what should I wear to my chiropractor visit. If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, it can be difficult to know what the best clothing to wear is. The first thing any chiropractor is going to tell you is that you need to be comfortable with what you’re wearing. The fact of the matter is, you’re not going to be comfortable if you’re not wearing the right clothing.

It is a special concern, especially for women, whether they’re wearing the appropriate clothing or shoes. This is understandable, as no one wants to go to a treadmill test wearing stiletto heels.  If you’re worried about what you should wear and read on to see our list of tips about what you should wear to your first chiropractor visit.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Clothing 

Will I Have to Undress? 

It is highly unlikely that you will need to undress. Now occasionally the chiropractor may need to examine an area of your body without clothing. However, this often just means you need to pull up your shirt to expose your back or pull down one shoulder to expose her shoulder. This means that you get to keep your clothes on during your entire appointment and if for whatever reason that you do need to disrobe gowns are provided.

Can I Wear Jeans to My Appointment?

 The short answer is that yes, you can wear jeans to your first appointment. The chances are though you’re going to be more comfortable in yoga pants, leggings, or other types of pants with more stretch. Thankfully, most jeans that are made today have at least a little bit of spandex in them but there are still some tight-fitting jeans out there. You want to move without being constricted. This means that if you don’t have a good range of movement in your jeans, then you should consider wearing something else.

Should I Wear a Bra? 

If you feel comfortable wearing a bra, then yes, go ahead and wear one. If you usually don’t wear a bra or you are more content wearing her sports bra, go with that. Wearing a bra is not going to change the way your adjustment happens. It all boils down to your comfort level.

Can I Wear a Skirt or Dress? 

Most chiropractors are going to tell you that you shouldn’t wear a skirt or dress. Mostly, it is going to be because of modesty. There are times when you can be laying on your back and you’re going to have to pull your leg legs up. This means if you’re coming from work and you should keep a change of clothes in your car on the date of your appointment.

Can I Wear Jewelry? 

Mostly, you should take off your jewelry before you lie on the table. This is just going to keep them all in the same place and they won’t risk entanglement of your necklaces. It’s also going to give the chiropractor the ability to adjust you as easily as possible.